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Android Material Design UI Kit Download Free PSD

Here is the Free PSD for Android material design, created by Nine Hertz with plenty of attractive background and design styles. It contains a well organized set of all the necessary UI elements so that you can easily edit the designs according to your project need. Download it now and feel free to use it in any of your personal or commercial projects.

posted by: NineHertz, in Freebies / Free PSD, on 2015 Aug 27 Read More
SALE: Up to 60% OFF & Loyalty rewards

The Famous Astute Graphics SALE is now on! You can save 60% when you spend over £300+ / $470+ / €414+* this means you can buy all the plug-ins we make, and become an Elite for £180.40/$283/€247 Alternatively you can save 40% OFF £200+ / $314+ / €274+* gaining you any...

posted by: Georgie Hulburd, in Articles / News, on 2015 Aug 26 Read More
Tools rarely used in Illustrator. The Knife Tool

We begin a new series of articles about the time-tested, but rarely used Adobe Illustrator tools. As far as possible, these articles will help beginners to reveal hidden potential in these tools. Let’s talk about the Knife Tool.

posted by: Eugene S. Chiayinickh, in Articles / Theory, on 2015 Aug 24 Read More
How to Create Rhinestone Patterns with Space Fill

In this tutorial you will learn how to fill a shape with crystals when creating rhinestone patterns. It took me less than a minute to evenly distribute 220 diamonds inside a complex shape. ColliderScribe successfully eliminates time-consuming manual work from our workflow.

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Illustrator Tips / Techniques, on 2015 Aug 24 Read More
Iaroslav’s Top 5 Astute Graphics Tools

Today I’d like to talk about five excellent vector tools, which I often use in my working process. They are convenient, intuitive and there are no analogues to their function among native tools. They save my time, speeding up the routine workflows.

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Articles / Inspiration, on 2015 Aug 06 Read More
Vector Infographic - How Smartphones Changed TV

The halcyon days of water cooler discussion about the previous night of television are long gone. They were replaced by the immediacy of the Internet. Today, television viewers have turned the watching of their favorite programs into a communal experience. The evolving nature of television consumption has led to the exploding popularity of Second Screen viewing. Read the accompanying infographic for more interesting information.

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Articles / News, on 2015 Aug 03 Read More
How to Create Vintage Ornament Set with VectorScribe in Adobe Illustrator

Today you will learn how to create elements of the vintage ornament using PathScribe, Extend Path and Smart Remove Brush tools all found in the VectorScribe plug-in. These tools will help us to quickly and easily create patterns in the shape of knots and spirals. ColliderScribe will help us to position the elements accurately. To convert a uniform path to a variable width stroke path, we’ll use WidthScribe.

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Illustrator Tips / Techniques, on 2015 Aug 01 Read More
How to Create Vector Dandelion with VectorScribe in Adobe Illustrator

The Dynamic Shapes Tool in the VectorScribe plug-in ideally works for quick creation of precise technical objects. However, you can also use this tool for drawing less regular organic shapes. Let’s see how it’s done on this example of a dandelion illustration, in which I have used more than 150 dynamic shapes, which made the workflow many times faster. In addition, the dandelion is still alive, that means that you can reconfigure most of its shapes.

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Illustrator Tutorials / Illustration, on 2015 Jul 30 Read More
How to Set Hot Keys for the Pathfinder Palette

If you need to work a lot with the Pathfinder panel, you are interested in the acceleration your actions, aren't you? The decision is the setting of shortcuts for the most frequent operations. Open the Illustrator, create there the new document and let's see how to do this...

posted by: Alexander Egupov, in Illustrator Tips / Small Tutorials, on 2015 Jul 27 Read More
How to Create Infographic Elements with VectorScribe in Illustrator

Today we will look at how to create infographics elements using different tools of VectorScribe. The plugin allows you to create Dynamic Graphs, which can easily change the appearance and convert in accordance with the new data. In many cases, it is faster and more flexible way to create charts, especially if it comes to…

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Illustrator Tutorials / Web Design, on 2015 Jul 23 Read More
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